Source http://goo.gl/xkAZuK
Source http://goo.gl/xkAZuK

Why have a business blog? A blog can dramatically help your business grow new potential customers. In today’s generation more and more people are associated  with online activity, and companies that blog have 55% more online visitors.

This article Barn Raisers provides some useful points and facts as to why businesses should blog, such as visitors to your website can increase traffic through your SEO, increase brand image, 58% say that they are better-known in their industry because of their blog (Technorati), improve social media, 87% of all bloggers use Facebook (Social Media Today).

Five type of bloggers in today’s generation.

  1. The part-time professional
  2. The hobbyist
  3. The full-time professional
  4. The corporate
  5. The entrepreneur

More and more companies and businesses are turning to blogging, blogging can bring customers to your website, Whether the blog is on or off-site, you will still want links pointing back to your main website directing visitors to products, services, contact forms, promotions, and more. Keep your blog fresh with content. This “freshness boost” helps you soar in rankings when people are searching on your products or services. Branding your self as an expert, Having a blog is another great way to position yourself and your company in the market as an expert on any given topic. Here is some more benefits in to why your business should blog.

If you are not already convinced your business needs a blog have a look at this short video,

Blogging is the way forward, wether it be for your business or just a hobby.  Blogging can impact your SEO traffic, build brand awareness, build trust among your customers,  build credibility and a blog can give your company a voice.

Why not fill out this quick poll and I can see your opinion on the issue.



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