Five useful tips when setting up a Facebook page


Facebook has an endless reach of possibilities and opportunities. Facebook has a vast target market with an endless chance of new potential customers, gives the customer a chance to interact with the brand and build a relationship. Facebook is also essential for gaining feedback from your customers. When setting up a Facebook page it is vital for your page to be user-friendly. Here are 5 tips to help you when setting up a page. 

  1. Customize your page URL, you do not want a long ugly URL for your business
  2. Make sure your page layout fits, in terms of photos, personal Information and profile picture.
  3. Try to be cool, get creative with your Facebook profile, try new layouts and keep your content up to date with the latest trends.
  4. Make sure your page is a like page and not a friend account,
  5. Try to use humor in the right tone with your posts such as memes, trends and videos it’s not all about business keep your followers amused

Peoples daily routines are different from years gone by instead of reading the morning newspaper it is their Facebook, that is why is so important to have your Facebook page set up in the right way for users to follow. Post daily about different topics that interest you and the Facebook community but don’t over do it, posts of irrelevant topics may block up users news feeds and there is nothing worst then seeing a pointless post. Now get going, get creative with your Facebook page and get connected.

Before setting up your Facebook have a look at this page provided by Facebook which gives some great tips on how to get started and why to use Facebook for your business, such as setting your target market, creating content, and expanding your target market.


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